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How do I get started with purchasing parts, accessories or branded merchandise through the EPP Program?
Do I have to register an account for Nissan and Infiniti to purchase parts?
How long will it take to be approved?
What prices do NNA employees and retirees pay?
Will Motorsports be able to provide the final cost of the part (tax and shipping/handling)?
Can I give the phone number/web address out to my friends/family if they need a part for their personal vehicle?
Can I contact Nissan Motorsports for parts catalog or technical questions?
If for whatever reason the part I receive is incorrect or I don’t need it can I return it?
Can I return a part that is defective or damaged?
Can I pick up the part at HQ (Franklin, TN), Nissan Motorsports, or at the PDC's?
Can I pay with my personal check, money order, or cashiers check?
Can you ship to a P.O. Box?
How will items be shipped and how long will it take to receive my parts, accessories or branded merchandise?
What if a part is not available and on back-order?
Are retirees included in this program?
Do I have to have my employee ID number in order to order?
What taxes do I pay?
How is shipping and handling calculated?
Am I able to resell any parts, accessories or branded merchandise purchased through the EPP Program?
Who do I contact with any questions regarding the EPPP order status, invoicing, or issues with the website?
Am I able to purchase parts that are on a direct ship program?
What is a part number has a service file?
Are core exchanged/charges included in this program?
Does the purchase price include installation?
Can I purchase parts for a company owned vehicle?
Will I be required to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle I am purchasing parts, accessories, or branded merchandise for?
Can I purchase parts for my friends or family?
Can I gift purchased parts, accessories, or branded merchandise through this program?